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    I have a 4-column portfolio on my homepage. I’d like to generate my own preview images rather than have WordPress create them automatically from my portfolio images. I can’t find reference in the documentation regarding this. Am I missing something or is this possible in the Eunoia theme? Thank you so much for your time.



    You can define your own ‘preview image’ using the featured image field when editing the post.





    The question is about the preview images that are generated from the Portfolio Item images. Not the Page images.

    When you view the portfolio grid, Eunoia displays the top entry of the portfolio content as a preview.

    Unless I’m mistaken, kgerritsen wants to be able to define an image that is only used as the preview, and does not appear in the Portfolio.

    I think I would like this too!


    Hi kgerritsen,

    There is currently no option just for that unless you want to overwrite the file in the WordPress uploads folder outside of the admin so that thumbnail is changed without WordPress knowing it.

    What is available via theme options is to change how slideshows work on overview pages. In the theme options>Layout&Settings there is a dropdown for “Slideshow behavior on overview pages” where you can set the slideshow to only show the first item in your slideshow list on the overview page but not show it on the single view.




    Thanks for your reply, Devin. And thanks to toby for explaining my question. I don’t yet know how to overwrite the file in the WP uploads folder but as I learn more maybe I can figure it out. Thanks again.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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