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    How do I create custom thumbnails for Flashlight portfolio items? I understand I can reorder the portfolio images by dragging and dropping them in the Upload Gallery pop-up page, but how can I create custom thumbnails? I tried going into Media Library and cropping the images the way I want and updating the image as a thumbnail, but it doesn’t show up on the Portfolio page.

    I already know how to resize the image to a specific sized thumbnail, but I need to know how to create actually custom-cropped image as my thumbnail.


    Hi chae,

    You will need to locate the image you want to replace in your actual wordpress files. The thumbnail will have a size at the end ie: example-200×140.jpg.

    The image you replace that file with, if it has the exact same name, will then be used for the thumbnail image.

    Unfortunately, there is not automatic or admin interface to do this as the process is done automatically when you upload an image by the wordpress script.




    Perfect it worked, thank you so much. Hopefully this feature will be included in the future :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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