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    I’d like to use a custom template for one of the pages in the theme. I’ve created a template based on template-blog.php and have selected it in the template drop-down menu.

    However, I seem to be only able to make it appear as an external page (ie like the blog) when I’d ideally like it to work in the one-page style of the rest of the site.

    To be clear, my goal is to display custom fields for only one page. Is this possible?



    You kinda lost me here. Where do you want to apply the new template? Are you using it as a blog?

    Please give us a link to your website.





    the site is at and the page in question is (excuse its current ugliness).

    This template displays the custom fields. However, it operates as an external page (like the blog) and not as a single page (like the rest of the site).

    I guess my main question is, what template would I alter to get the custom fields for Prices to appear within the one page portfolio.


    Hi DebatewiseDave,

    You’ll need to add a new dynamic template element in includes>admin> (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -portfolio.php




    Hi Devin,

    apologies for the delay, completely forgot about this.

    Can you tell me how I’d add a new dynamic template element? Is there a helpfile you could point me to?


    The code for the various elements are all commented which is about the best help I can offer. Guiding you through it is quite a bit beyond what we can do through support. You could look into a freelance developer who could make the customization for you if its an absolute necessity however.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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