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    Firstly – awesome theme design and coding. I’m currently testing NewsCast at , with a plan to use it as the theme for my main website, .

    I’ve modified functions.php and single.php to create a new taxonomy called “author” (by “author”, I mean the writer of a scientific paper, not the blog post author…). However, I now want to view a list of posts by taxonomy classification, and I’m a bit lost. I’ve been following instructions on (Purchase code hidden if logged out) / , but these instructions are tailored to the TwentyTen theme…



    the net.tutsplus tutorial should work fine with the theme. I can’t give you exact instructions as it is a very time intensive task to recreate what you’re doing and therefore not within the scope of the support forum. Maybe they can help you in the comments on net.tutsplus.


    I should have been more specific – the tutorial describes copying the TwentyTen “Categories.php” file, renaming it “Taxonomies.php” and using that to create a dynamic listing of all posts with that taxonomy. However, the NewsCast theme doesn’t have such a file. I tried working with “Archives.php”, and either I’ve chosen the wrong file to work with, or I hacked the PHP the wrong way. Any ideas would be appreciated.



    you’re working in the right file. I can’t help you further than that, you’re asking us to read a tutorial for adapting a theme that wasn’t developed by Kriesi to do something the theme wasn’t made for. This gets a little time intensive :)

    I really do hope you can figure it out though, seems like a good addition.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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