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    We created a custom sidebar to appear on the Category page in our Propulsion theme and it looks and works great! (Propulsion is one of the best frameworks we’ve worked with.)

    HOWEVER, we would also like to have that sidebar to appear on all the posts within that category, but I didn’t see a way to configure this. Any help would be appreciated!




    Can you give us a link to the custom sidebar? And a little hint on how you create it?

    Actually you can just add a widget area for a unique sidebar to a show on a specific page or category. Go to Theme Options > Sidebar > Select a Category that should receive a new widget area:.




    Hi Ismael, yes, we got the custom sidebar (created using Propulsion Theme Options) to show nicely for the CATEGORY list.

    However, what we are trying to do is for a way to show that custom sidebar ALSO ON EACH POST WITHIN THE CATEGORY.

    It looks like there is an option in some of the other themes to do this,called:

    “display widget areas for categories on posts as well”

    but we did not see it in Propulsion, and so were hoping for an alternative way to accomplish the same result.

    Hopefully, we have a way to do that!



    I thought it would help to add a little more description of our problem. We have about 200 separate posts we need to create for issues of a publication. Each issue of the publication would get its own post. We would like to use the left sidebar as a way to help navigate the posts. Here’s a rough example here:

    But, obviously, we don’t want to use pages, because then we would have to create 200 custom sidebars for 200 different pages. Instead, it would be much easier to create one sidebar for the category, then have that same sidebar appear on each post in that same category, thus giving the user the navigation they need.

    We have other pages that need different sidebars, so we are not able to have this particular navigation appear everywhere, which is why we would like to restrict it to its own category.

    We really appreciate any guidance! Thanks!



    I’m sorry if I can’t seem to fully understand the problem but this is what the option “Theme Options > Sidebar > Select a Category Select a Category that should receive a new widget area:” do. Select category “Uncategorized” for example. It will create a new widget area for posts on “Uncategorized” category, visit Appearance > Widget > You will see a new widget area called Category: Uncategorized. You need to supply that with widgets. All of the widgets supplied will be shown on the posts within that specific category.

    Anyway, let me tag the rest of the support team to help us out.




    Thanks so much, Ismael! I really appreciate you looking at my question. I’ll be sure to set this in my theme first thing when I get to work tomorrow and report my result.


    Hi Ismael, I tried the instructions above, and I think I must be missing a step or something. As you can see in the link, I successfully created the Category-specific widget of a Calendar at the top right of the Uncategorized category:

    But when you click on the Test Post, the Calendar does not show up at the top of the sidebar as expected:

    Perhaps I am missing a step?



    Oops, initially had the first link in the above post set as protected content, but it should be ok to view now, thanks.


    Hi steve4640,

    The custom sidebar for categories doesn’t go down to the single post. Its only for that single category display.

    The theme doesn’t offer individual post control for widget areas so you would need to look into a plugin for that kind of functionality.

    Something like and then add your widget to display on all posts but then use that plugin to add a ‘only on X category’ control or just a specific post.




    Thanks, everyone, Ismael, Devin, for looking into this. It sounds like Widget Logic might be the way to go. I also found this one:

    In any case, I think we can do what we need to do with one of these types of plugins. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction! It’s a great help!



    Oops, my bad. Yeah, you can’t modify the widgets for a single post, I know that now. :D

    I forgot to click the actual post when I get to the archive page. I think Devin is correct, the plugin might do the work. :)



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