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    I don’t know if this is at all possible, but it would save me a lot of hassle.

    What I would like to do, is create the same sidebar as I have on this page:

    on all of the different source file pages. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -colore/

    I know it is possible to create a custom widget area for individual pages, but if I have to do it every time I create a new source file page, it will quickly become tiring (and clog up the widgets page).

    The only solutions I can think of are to make it so that pages with a dynamic template applied don’t use the “Sidebar Pages” widget area, or somehow tie a custom widget area to a specific dynamic template.

    If this is at all possible (or if there is a really simple solution I’ve overlooked), it would be a huge help. :]




    You can use a plugin like widget logic: to show/hide certain widgets based on the page id.

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    Hi Dude, I have something very similar to ask. When I create a new sidebar for a page using theme options it adds a new widget area for that page – great. However, the page still displays the widgets in the Sidebar Pages widget area. Is there a way around this?

    We’ve had clients wondering why this happens. We’ve used WooThemes sidebar manager on other sites and it ONLY shows the custom widget content. Our Choices theme client creates campaign specific landing pages and doesn’t mind having several custom widget areas. The extra step of adding logic to exclude a widget area using Widget Logic may be beyond our client’s comfort zone.

    Shouldn’t custom widget content be the only content displaying in the sidebar on pages specified in Theme Option>Sidebars?


    Perfect. Much more elegant than a bunch of custom widget areas. :) And I learned a bit about PHP, too.

    @kbunt, if you have a widget placed in the custom widget area, the ‘dummy_sidebar’ should disappear.

    If you have a link showing exactly what’s happening, I can help you pinpoint the exact problem (I spent way too long last night trying to figure out the sidebar issue).

    There are two possible solutions:

    The simple solution is to make sure Theme Options > Layout and Settings > Page Sidebar Navigation is set to ‘Don’t display Sidebar navigation’.

    The more complicated solution (which I’m not sure if it’s your problem or not)…

    If you want the automatic dummy sidebar widgets to be turned off for all pages, change the bolded area under Appearance > Editor > sidebar.php as follows:

    //display the sidebars

    if(!empty($sidebars_to_show) && is_array($sidebars_to_show))


    foreach ($sidebars_to_show as $sidebar)


    $default_sidebar = true;

    echo “<div class=’sidebar units sidebar_”.$sidebar.” “.$avia_config.”‘>”;

    echo “<div class=’inner_sidebar extralight-border’>”;


    //display the sidebars

    if(!empty($sidebars_to_show) && is_array($sidebars_to_show))


    foreach ($sidebars_to_show as $sidebar)


    $default_sidebar = false;

    echo “<div class=’sidebar units sidebar_”.$sidebar.” “.$avia_config.”‘>”;

    echo “<div class=’inner_sidebar extralight-border’>”;


    Thank merhardj for the extra code.

    In my case we do need the Sidebar Pages widget content for most pages. It is applied to most of the site (3 buttons with orange borders). Likewise the Displayed Everywhere widget is needed and does its job. My concern was that a Custom Sidebar should override both of these widget areas when assigned in Theme Options and it should be the only sidebar displayed. This was not the case.

    So on a specific landing page we were duplicating content (donate button) from the Sidebar Pages widget. The client only wanted the Donate Button.

    In our case I’ve added !is_page(‘2241’) && !is_page(‘1’) to block the Sidebar Pages widget content from displaying on our campaign landing page. The only widgets showing are assigned in either the Displayed Everywhere or the Custom Sidebar created in Theme Options. If I wanted to hide the Displayed Everywhere widget content (email sign-up) I’d add the same logic.

    I’ve used Widget Logic, but will take a look at your code to see if it fits. Thanks for sharing!




    I think you were actually having the same exact problem I was, in which case the Widget Logic is your best bet. The code I supplied is for the sidebar widgets that appear when you have nothing there at all. Placing something into the Sidebar Pages widget box will make it appear everywhere, regardless of if there is a custom widget for that specific page. Kind of a bummer, but the plug-in should take care of it, unless you want to make a custom widget box for every page you create.

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