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    I need to create a new post type for my custom contents along with portfolios in propulsion theme. What steps and tools do you suggest i use?


    To explain in more detail;

    I need 2 other content types that behave similar to portfolio items. However I need the new post type contents to be listed under each portfolio item page. For example;

    I have “portfolio items” UK, USA, Germany …

    Let’s call the new content types as “cities” and “cards”. I will create cities as London, Paris … and several different cards as a, b, c, d, e …

    I will link each card with a city and a portfolio item. i.e. each card will belong to a city and a portfolio item (Country).

    UK will have its cities (london, liverpool …) and its cards listed on its portfolio page.

    USA will have its cities (miami, NY … ) and its cards listed on its portfolio page.

    You can think of portfolio items as countries. USA, UK, Germany …

    Cities as; London, Berlin, Paris …

    Cards as; eiffel tower, louvre, thames river.

    The output will look like;

    UK page > london (thames river, etc…)

    France page > paris ( eiffel tower, etc…)



    I also created a Custom Post type but I need that custom type to inherit of all the functionnalities of the post type : Layout choice, slideshow options and so slideshow integration in front office.

    Could you tell me which actions and modifications must I make (in a child theme ?)




    Hey Guys!

    This is a little more than the usual support covers and the reason why that the case can be read here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    thats a tutorial on how to add your own custom post types and as you can see this is a very extensive topic.

    So first of all follow the turoial above. If you have added a new custom post type (lets say it is named “cards”)

    if you want to have the same options for this post type (slideshow, layout options etc) you need to open the register-admin-metabox.php file in includes/admin and in the first array modify all sub arrays that read:


    by appending the name of the new type


    You will probably also need to clone the single-portfolio.php file and rename it to single-cards.php

    As you can see this is not an easy task and nothing that is covered by the usual support. If you have problems with adding these options to the theme I would recommend to hire a freelancer :)


    Thanks, that’s rock




    Just a small note – plugins like: allow you to create custom post types and taxonomies without avanced coding skills :)



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