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    Hi thank you so much for your wonderful theme!

    #1) Is there a way to turn off or remove the lightbox included with the theme? – I am using highslider with nextgen gallery

    Currently both windows are popping up

    #2) I may end up using your lightbox though it is awesome! Only problem I am seeing if you click on a chair on link above is

    the image previews are not showing up right not centered of the image

    and the arrows to go back and forth the image previews is also messed up

    Any way to fix this?

    Thank you very much in advance. After months and months of trying out themes etc. This is the one so awesome thanks !!!


    Hey! you can deactivate my lightbox by doing 2 simply changes. in header.php remove:

    wp_enqueue_script( ‘avia-prettyPhoto’ );

    and in /js/avia.js remove elements.prettyPhoto({ “theme”: ‘premium_photo’, ‘slideshow’: 5000 }); from line 146

    I am not sure what is causing the layout problems, its probably because you are running to of those lightbox scripts. If you want to use the prettyPhoto lightbox that comes with the theme you might want to remove yours first and see if the remaining lightbox works properly then :)

    Glad you like the theme!





    Hmm I removed the highslide and am still getting the same thing:

    Maybe it is the size of the images or too much text?

    For the option in nextgen effect I have it to none maybe something there.

    Any other ideas?


    Here you can select the thumbnail effect, NextGEN Gallery will integrate the required HTML code in the images. Please note that only the Shutter and Thickbox effect will automatic added to your theme. With the placeholder %GALLERY_NAME% you can activate a navigation through the images (depend on the effect). Change the code line only , when you use a different thumbnail effect or you know what you do.


    I am thinking it might be that I am using NextGen. Because if I activate it the text on the main sliders also gets centered. Weird.


    Ok I tried a fresh install and added no plugins. I then used the wordpress gallery and had the same thing happen. Arrows on top to browse the small thumbs are misaligned and the small thumbs are not cropping to the center of the image. So maybe it has to do with the size of the images or if you have let’s say 18 images vs 4 the problem happens or something.



    if you want to use prettyphoto with nextgen gallery have a look at this post:

    I can reproduce the small thumbnail navigation error bug. I’ll report it to Kriesi. You can fix it by using another lightbox theme like “facebook” for now :)


    Hi Thanks for the response. I am wondering if there is anything in the column short codes that would cause my nextgen galleries to break. On this page I have the code at the top of the page and it works fine. But if I put it in a column shortcode shown farther down the page it breaks.

    Just a note these are both test sites on two different domains to test the plugin settings etc :-)

    Again thanks for your help; I know that these are not theme issues but involve plugins so understand if I can not get help.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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