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    Hello dear community,

    i would like to ask you for some help regarding Cubit theme.

    I want to create ‘custom’ html index file. I want to have two DIV’s, one 60% and other 40% of 940px wide theme.

    How is it the best way to create it?

    Or maybe can i create one DIV (full width: 940px, centered) and than inside i can work with tables…

    If it is not understood, i will try to draw what i mean.

    Thank you,



    Probably the easiest way is to use the existing index.php. Then create a 100%-width div inside the #main div and create a 60% and 40% div. Float them to the left/right and you can use them side-by-side.


    Thank you Dude,

    would you be so kind and give me example how to do this…

    I would be very grateful for your efforts! And learn something new :))

    Kind regards,



    Hi Scrubber,

    We can definitely help point you in the right direction but its a bit of a drawn out process and will take a good bit of customization on exactly how you want it.

    Here is a good starting guide that takes you through the steps:

    In the index.php file of the theme, you can add your html content in between where it says:

    //*if you did choose: "edit by html" you can now edit the following lines: *//


    //stop editing here if you did choose "edit by html"

    Then add your css to the style.css file in the theme files.




    Thank you Devin, i found solution!

    Much appreciated both for useful info!


    Glad Devin and Dude could help you!



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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