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    Great theme firstly thank you. I just wanted to know if it was possible for me to add custom images to the featured sider that appears at the top and shows featured articles…?

    The reason I want to do this is we don’t want to add another slider to the top of the website homepage and want to use the featured one. But it obviously only shows up article images automatically! We want to be able to promote stuff in the slider with a custom image.

    Is this possible? Also if we wanted to get rid of the thumbnails and thumbnail scroller to just show the slideshow, could you tell me what php file and line I need to edit.

    Your help would be much appreciated.




    Also the reason we may want to get rid of the thumbnails is because across different browsers, PCs & Macs the thumbnails sometimes split onto two rows leaving one thumbnail on a second row which obviously makes it all look really bad.

    On my own screen it all looks fine but on various other users screens that we have tested on, it’s split into two rows and this just can’t do as we will never know if it’s displaying correctly for every user that visits the website.

    Is there a resolution to this problem at all?!



    Everything looks fine on my 3 browsers and I can’t see anything sliding into a second row. So it’s not easy to fix something like that as I don’t know whether the issue is an outdated browser or something else and am unable to replicate it locally.

    However here is the code below to remove the thumbnails and the horizontal sliding lever. Just paste it into Quick CSS located in back-end Shoutbox > Theme Options > Layout & Styling on the bottom of the page:





    Part 2 of above post. {Edit. Skip this part and look at Video Tutorial in post below]

    As for you 2nd question, about selecting specific posts to promote in the Feature Slider, the best thing to do would be the following:

    1) Create a category called ‘Hot Deals’ or whatever name you want.

    2) Add only the posts to that category that you want to displayed in the feature slider. Posts can have more than one category, so just add 5 posts you want to promote, and change them around by adding or removing the category from the posts you want to include/remove.

    3) In the backend > Template Builder (or Shoutbox > Theme Options > Main News Page) depending on how your website is setup, select the category ‘Hot Deals’ as the only one to be displayed in the Feature Slider.




    Part 3

    I just re-read your original question and realized I misunderstood it.

    You would need to create an additional page for each post that you want to promote. This duplicate page would contain only a slideshow of the product that you will display on the individual post page, while that post’s feature image would show inn the main feature slider but not in the individual page. You would include it using the a dynamic template > slideshow > select slideshow from a different page than the current.

    Video Below

    Tutorial I’ve Made to Show what needs to be done!

    Please let me know if you are following what I wrote, I know its a bit confusing at first.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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