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    I would like to buy Coherence (or possibly Choices) in order to replace my aging Twicet theme. Before I do this, I would like to know to what extent is the home page customizeable?

    I would like to keep the slider, but below the slider I would like to have a table-type layout with two columns (picture in a first column, a bunch of text in second column – maybe something like this:, several rows long. Is it possible to do something like that in Coherence or Choices without a lot of digging though the code?

    Also, is it possible to integrate buttons in slider in Coherence, the same way it is done in Choices?



    Hi tonidrabik,

    Both Choices and Coherence come with the Template builder that allows you to add elements to a template and then apply that template to a page. It is quite a bit different than Twicet in terms of basic easy custom structures and layouts.

    You can do a two column element with both themes and put almost whatever content you want into each column. Then repeat down the page or keep adding in other elements as needed. You could also use the themes shortcode and do the columns in the visual editor alone.

    Coherence does have buttons as part of the slideshow options. See the second image here:

    This is a small preview of the template builder in both Choices and Coherence though not all the elements in Choices are in Coherence:





    One more question – is it possible to configure slider in Coherence so that there are either no thumbnails (maybe dots instead?) or that the thumbnails take up a lot less space? As it stands in the theme preview, they eat more than 100 px height in the most valuable part of the page.




    Hi Toni,

    There are multiple slideshow configurations and the slideshow will adapt if you use smaller height images. EX: Use 930px wide but 150px tall images for the slideshow on that page and the area will only be 150px tall.



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