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    Firtly of all I have purchases all your themes and love them and been a long time user of them but this issue is stumping me- I have been at it for 2 days nows

    We swtiched our theme to Newscast and we are using OiO Publisher as our ad server plugin and the sidebar widgets/code seem to be working fine but not the embed custom fields or any custom fields plugin

    I cant get a javascript or a php ad code to ppear in any post or page

    I dont want to put in t template file as each post and page has its own separate ad code and zone

    Site is in maintenance mode now but happy to share back end access if you PM me – am happy to pay someone for halp as well

    Is there some special code i have to add to functions for them to appear?

    When I switch themes back to any other theme..all the ads are appearing fine..just not within posts and pages in Newscast

    BTW its this simple little plugin I am using code/

    custom field would be


    Thanks in advance




    Not sure if anyone has looked at this issue but after a very long research process I found the solution and it thought I would post it in case someone else has the same problem ( the creator of OiO publisher foound it for me – I would never have guessed or found this one – so thanks Simon :-)

    The style.css in newscast has .js_active #main img set it hidden (not sure why this is – maybe you can give the reason Kriesi?) anyways find this code in style.css

    .js_active #main img {

    visibility: hidden;


    And change hidden to visible and refresh your cache etc etc and voila – JavaScript ad code for OiO publisher ads embedded in a page or post using custom fields short code plugin – are now fully working

    Hope this helps someone



    Hi Lerosia,

    Thanks for posting your fix! I’m glad you were able to find the fix and really appreciate you posting it :)



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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