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    Hi, sorry for a dumb question but what is the purpose of custom CSS? Override existing codes only or/and add to them? And allows to save the file for an easy replacement in case of future theme updates?

    In past (with perhaps less robust themes) I ran into issues with overriding not working properly every time and for various issues. So if I say decided to amend the CSS in the original file and not touch custom CSS (I’m used to making notes for future theme updates, so replacing particular codes in new updated installations is no biggie), would it work just as well/better?

    Thank you!




    It’s intended (like the name suggests) for custom styling and css code. When we release updates we might change the other stylesheets and we’d need to document which code changed, etc. – it’s a problem we have with older themes.

    With css/custom.css you can overwrite the standard code and code changes in the future won’t affect you. If you’d like to change the standard files you can do that but we don’t support this methode and we don’t recommend it. Our changelogs propably do not contain details about stylesheet changes and you need to search/compare changes yourself.


    Fair enough, I usually save my changes as a separate sheet so that when a theme is updated I install a fresh version and then just replace bits I need by the ones I saved. But I get your point, its only reasonable when one doesnt deal with too many themes and too many sites.

    Thank you,



    Glad Dude could help you :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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