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    Great theme I have been using it for quite awhile here:

    As you can see I am tweaking the bg.jpg to customize the look. Each quarter (winter, spring, summer, fall) I swap in a new bj.jpg

    Of course this changes the complete look of all the old issues. Is there a way I can use a custom category to call different bg’s?

    For instance all of winter posts would also be part of a category v3i1 (besides other categories they might also be in)

    Could there be a line of code that could do something like this? (I am no programer ;)

    if category v3i1 then bj-v3i1.jpg

    I would only want this format when the posts where called for that category v3i1. If posts where being called by one of their other categories such as day_trips they would still display using the main/current look.

    I did kind of look at custom templates on WordPress but I don’t see a category.php used in Newscast. Besides its only the bj.jpg that I change. well mostly. I do flip the light/dark switch sometimes.

    Did I explain this ok?



    You can use conditional tags: to use different bg images on different pages or you append the page/post id to the logo class so that you can style the logo on a per post basis.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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