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    I have attempted to create a new skin1/bg.jpg to match the changes I am doing to my web site.

    I am using the bg.jpg to stylize the header portion of the web site, while also applying a background on the “featured gallery” on the home page. This can be seen here:

    After having done this, I didn’t at first realize the bg will be used on every page. So if you click on a post on the home page, you can notice the gray background covering half of the page that opens.

    What I need help with:

    After trying several different things, I have to ask this here. I am wanting to have the effect as I do currently on the home page, but I do not want the grey background to show on other pages (unless, the pages use the gallery). I am assuming I will have to use the bg just for header (and menu) and need to style the “featured gallery” with its own bg separately.



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    user/pass: test/test


    You can use the body class to use a different background for subpages rather than the homepage. eg:

    body { background: url(background.jpg) repeat centre top; }
    body.home { background: url(background-home.jpg) repeat centre top; }

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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