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    It seems I have to create a custom two column template but I have to choose individual PAGES to display their image on one side and content on another. this means I’m gonna have to create like 100 individual pages for my eshop products. Is there a way around having to choose the actual page and create it’s own template and just create a master template which has DISPLAY THIS PAGES IMAGE/CONTENT options?



    Currently not an option sorry. I have tried to implement the feature but failed due to reasons of complexity and limitations of the framework.

    The one solution that might also work for you is to hard code a “normal” wordpress template and use that instead of the dynamic template builder.


    What does Hard coding It mean? Also if I do this does that mean my pages will not look like your theme?


    Hard coding means that you need to create a php template file and do all the fancy database queries post logic and html creation within this file.

    Your pages will then be able any way you want, but the effort is of course quite big, since you probably need to do some css styling as well.


    Sounds over my head. I’ll just do it page by page :(



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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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