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    Hi Kriesi (Servas from Munich/Bavaria),

    great work, as ever, and very easy to deal with!

    Only one question: Any chance for me to add Cufon fonts to the Navigation?

    Thanks + Baba, Joerg


    of course. first you need to create a new cufon javascript file here:

    At the fifth imput field from the top which is labeld: “Use the following value as the font-family of the generated font (optional)” you need to enter the word “cufon” (without quotation marks)

    You then get a new JS file which you need to place in the folder framework/fonts. make sure to name it the same way as others were named:

    fontname.font.js – fontname can be anything you like but .font.js is madatory

    Last thing to do is to open theme_options/options.php and at arround line 59 add the array entry. (first part of each key value pair is the display name, second part is the file name without font.js)

    for example if you have created a file out of arial your font file should be named: arial.font.js and the array in options.php should look like this:

    $options[] = array( "name" => "Heading Font",
    "desc" => "The Font heading utilizes the google API and allows you to use a wide range of custom fonts for your headings",
    "id" => "font_heading",
    "type" => "dropdown",
    "std" => "josefine_small",
    "subtype" => array( 'Cantarell'=>'cantarell',
    'Droid Sans'=>'droidsans',
    'Josefin All Characters'=>'josefine',
    'Josefin Common Characters'=>'josefine_small',
    'Reenie Beanie'=>'reeniebeanie',
    'Yanone Kaffeesatz'=>'yanonekaffeesatz',


    Thanks + Dankeschön!!!!



    Is it possible to use a cufon font for h1,h2,h3, etc. and another cufon font for the menu and <p> ?

    Thanks a lot.


    Yes it’s possible but I strongly advise against it because of several reasons.

    1) Cufon fonts add around 50 to 100kb to your website.

    2) This cause a longer loading time (of course it even gets worse when using two or more fonts)

    3) The website loads around 2 or 3 seconds slower because of the filesize and the javascript executing time…

    So I wouldn’t use a second cufon font…

    It’s also not easily possible to implement the font without some coding skills.



    I need change Cufon because my blog is in spanish…

    But I can’t make this change. My options.php file don’t have line 59, only have 48… and I do not see the code I have to paste.

    I make correctrly a .js, but I lost in next step.

    Please, helpme.




    for CleanCut have a look at this thread: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)


    thanks you Dude, mi blog now is in spanish :)


    Glad that I could help you :)


    Hi, I am not understanding these instructions. I am using the Broadscope theme. I have made my font into a cufon file, uploaded it to broadscope–>framework–>js–>fonts, and I don’t see it in the dropdown menu located within the Theme Options panel layout & styling –> heading fonts.

    Is that not the right place?



    it’s not easily possible to add a new font to Broadscope (you can edit the option page but because of the framework option structure you’d need to delete broadscope’s sql database entries…). I’d suggest to replace a cufon file you don’t need with the new generated one (i.e rename your file to kreon.font.js and replace the original “kreon.font.js” file. In your theme options panel select Kreon to display your font.


    Dude, I have another problem with Cufon in pages and widgets. Look at, where quiénes do not have tilde. I need make another changes? Where?




    please try to deactivate all plugins – maybe one is conflicting with cufon.js.


    thank you, Dude for the info you gave SandeeJ, I subbed out a font for one the ones I didn’t want, and that worked great. I really like Broadscope, you guys, great work!


    Glad that we could help you :)


    Hi there, I’ve followed instructions to add a cyrillic font as cufon font in my flashlight theme but I can’t run it.

    I generated js file, I put on fonts folder and I’ve modified register-admin-options to add the line code with my font family… but it’s not working at all? Any help please?




    Can you post a link to your website please? Maybe the font file path is wrong or the font family is not set to cufon?




    Font file path is right > wp-contentthemesflashlightframeworkjsfonts

    The only thing I can’t do is what Kriesi suggested above.. “Last thing to do is to open theme_options/options.php and at arround line 59 add the array entry. (first part of each key value pair is the display name, second part is the file name without font.js)”

    because when I add a new line with my font, website is completely down. :(

    If you please take a look… here you are:


    1) Can you post a link to your cufon file (Cyrillic font).

    2) If you want to add your font file to the admin menu open up wp-contentthemesflashlightincludesadminregister-admin-options.php and search for:

    "subtype" => array(	'no custom font'=>'',
    'Droid Sans'=>'droidsans__1.3',
    'Josefin All Characters'=>'josefine__1.3',
    'Josefin Common Characters'=>'josefine_small__1.3',
    'Reenie Beanie'=>'reeniebeanie__1.6', //number attached is a font size modifier for very small fonts ( * 1.4)
    'Yanone Kaffeesatz'=>'yanonekaffeesatz__1.3'

    Add your font file to the array – the first value (i.e. ‘Tangerine’) is the name of the font in the option panel dropdown, the second value is the font file name (i.e. if the font file is wp-contentthemesflashlightframeworkjsfontstangerine.font.js the font name is ‘tangerine’) and the ‘__1.3’ extension is the size modifier.


    Hi Dude, cool! I finally get a cufon font supporting cyliric on menu item and headings…

    but, please, I already need some help! If you go again to the website, you’ll see you can choose different languages.

    English is showing properly cufon font, but when you select Russian or Spanish, they show another font that not supports cyrilic alphabet (the previous one)! Even when my custom cufon font is selected on styling flashlight options.


    The theme creates a new option set for each language. Select a language from the drop-down (located at the top of the admin page) and configure all settings for this language (set your custom cufon font, etc.). Then save the settings and change the language by using the language selector drop down again. Now configure the settings for the second language (select the same font) and so on..

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