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    I am back…

    It working all the time, cufon effect…

    I just found out, cufon not working any more with ie browser, the letters just disappear and leaves the area blank when it takes affect..

    other browsers like chrome and opera, still works fine.

    could you please help me test it? thanks


    H adoresimon,

    What is the link to the site that is having issues with cufon?


    Hey! would you mind posting a link to your site? Although levitation doesnt offer cufon support for ie7 all others should work fine. in ie7 the default font should appear. Wroks fine for me on the demo http://kriesi.at/demos/levitation/

    Do you have problems onl yon your site or also on the demo page? If the first case is true you might want to re download the theme from themeforest to get the latest version and maybe update the theme. could be possible that we already fixed the error…


    sorry, m8… forgot to post the link..




    Please download the latest cufon version from here: http://cufon.shoqolate.com/js/cufon-yui.js?v=1.09i and replace the code in wp-content/themes/levitation/js/cufon.js with the new, updated cufon code.




    yeah, it fixed the problem. thanks, dude..

    ur the best!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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