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    I want to change the front page of a new CUBIT build… where it says cubit wordpress theme with chequered flag logo

    I guess it’s an image which I need to replace, But where??



    Belay that plea for help – I’ve cracked it!

    No doubt I’ll be back later ;-)

    I’m learning a lot!



    Glad that you sorted it out.


    I havent sorted it out…

    I’ve completed most of the design and content for my site with this theme, and I am trying to change the logo. Will my design be lost if I change the code in the css file and reinstall to contain the new logo url? If so how can i change the logo within the WP dashboard for this theme?

    Actully afte trying the changed URL in teh file folder recieved upon purchase is not allowing me to make a change. Can this be done from the WP dashboard?


    I really mssed this thing up. I might need to redownload the theme. I kept trying to change the logo and i changed a logo in one of teh file folders by oving the images around. Then I uninstalled the theme from my WP theme dashboard. Next I reinstalled the theme with teh new logo and teh installation process is telling me that I cannot install the theme without a style sheet and template. What did I do? Sorry for the idiocracy, its all I’ve got.




    I’m not sure what you did exactly but the best thing would be to download an unmodified copy of the theme and to install it. If it works you can modify the logo, etc. and upload it again afterwards. If an unmodified version gives you an error after installation too you really messed something up – you maybe need to check folder structure, etc with ftp then.


    Can you send me an unmodified version of the file? Otherwise I will have to buy it again on themeforest. I have already paied for it you can check the paypal records if need be. My user name is lostwillee, and my legal name is WIlliam Oliver.


    ??? You can download a file about 50 times from themeforest before you reach a limitation. Just log into your account and go to “My Account” > Downloads


    found it. thanks.


    Glad that I could help.


    Now that I havefigured out how to get the theme back up, how do I change the logo? This is driving me crazy.


    In style1/2/3.css you’ll find following code:

    #logo a{
    background:transparent url(../images1/logo.png) no-repeat;

    You can change the path to your logo or replace logo.png in your image folder. Please not: Browser cache things so you need to clear your browser cache to see the image change.


    I did this with a Jpeg file in teh style 1 file folder. it is showing up with no logo. does the image have to be a .png?


    Did you rename the source to .jpg? Like:

    #logo a{
    background:transparent url(../images1/logo.jpg) no-repeat;

    If yes did you clear your browser cache? There’s no limitation to pngs.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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