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    I’m enjoying the new template – thanks!

    The home page “main image” slider transition seems jumpy in Firefox 3.5.9

    Is there any way to adjust this?



    I do require support on this question – is there an estimated turn-around on replies?


    Can you post the image page content please. Maybe you insert some unnecessary tags. Did you try images with an higher resolution?


    Hi – thanks for your reply

    Here is the code I have on my slider page:

    The transition is jumpy and not as it appears in the example file – please advise :)



    I compared your source code to the demo content and the only dfference is the “alignnone class”.


    <img class="alignnone" src="" alt="" width="900" height="240" />


    <img title="slider1" src="" alt="" />

    So please try to insert the images again, this time choose the option “align – none” when the media gallery window pops up.



    Thanks – that seems to have fixed it :)


    Glad that I could help you.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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