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    The site is

    Working fine up to a few days ago.

    The front page is now corrupt, and I would be grateful for advice.

    I feel once you look at it, you may immediately know where to point me.

    I read you once advised a customer to post a .php file on a website somewhere so you could read it.

    I cannot find that site, or I would offer to upload my index.php content (or whichever file that might cause the error?)




    You can use gist.github ( for pasting in code, but most likely the problem is outside of index.php.

    I see you have the site in a subdirectory, but all your stylesheet includes are based on the root directory. Could you go to Settings > General and tell me what you have as your WordPress address (URL)? It should be


    Hi Noah,

    I’m showing my ignorance here….. not sure which ‘Settings – General’ you mean?

    If you mean in the WordPress dashboard, I cannot access it.

    But yes, the WordPress files are loaded in

    But it looks as though I shall have to reload WordPress – or at least tidy up the subdirectory/rootdirectory business.


    Yes, Noah means the admin area (WordPress dashboard). As far as I can see the whole site is messed up (stylesheets, etc. are missing…). You should do a complete reinstall.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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