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    Before my issue, just wanted to say I love display and all your work and thank you for setting up this support forum rather than having us search through pages and pages of comments!

    I am not sure exactly when, but I think, ever since wordpress 3.0 the cu3er slideshow has stopped working (it never finishes loading). Please take a look at my site if you want to see it:

    thanks in advance!


    Hey! I am not sure if this have something to do with wordpress 3. Checked your source and it seems a file is not accessible that should be, namely :

    this url holds the information which images to load and for a reason I don’t know cant be found on your webserver.

    3 things you might want to try: update to the latest version of the theme if you didn’t already. I’ve tested it and it works fine with wp3. If you got active plugins try to disable them one by one, maybe one is interfering. Last but not least check if the file is still on your server (check it with your ftp programm) and also check if the file permissions are set to readable: (chmod 664)


    Okay, thank you very much, I will check those things you mentioned. That being said, in regards to updating the theme, is there a way to update it without losing the changes I have made to customize it? Thanks again!


    Just saw that in the download you have the files that have changed listed. Thank you! Also, I did check that the file is still there on my ftp and it is and now has chmod 664 (before it was 644) but still not working. Anyway, I will keep you updated. Thank you!


    Update, I am unable to change the slideshow to the java version (everytime I click save it reverts to cu3er) but when I look at my site on a iPhone, not using the iPhone theme, but full version, the alternate slideshow runs fine… Not sure if that means anything or not…


    Thanks for the updates. still unsure why this could happen, but fine to hear that it works on your iphone ;D


    Dear Kriesi,, Evanpike,

    For me, it is the same,, stopped in the begining when I have activated USE 3d Flash Slideshow in Frontpage slider,,,

    and it is ok, in the iphone,, because the iphone have not, flash and use the other option automatic “Jquery fading slider,.

    Any, new solution?

    thanks and regards


    now it is ok, but when I use config.xml file withing folder “slideshow”,

    and I want use through slideshow manager,



    just curious, what version of the theme are you using?


    I do think that is the 1.4


    Okay, I’m using 1.3.1 I think, maybe we need to update? I just made a lot of changes so I have been putting off upgrading to the latest version of the template…


    I do continúe using only throught config.xml.

    Ican’t use with the slideshow manager, that it is the option that i want use, because the other don’t let me modify the velocity, and the trnasitions.

    I continúe making trys.


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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