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    I bought your thema display, but cu3er 3D don’t work on iPad/iPhone, because it works in your online demo?

    What should I do to make it work, help me please.





    Display offers a javascript fallback by default. However you need to set the images via image manager (Display > Slideshow) for the javascript slider. You can use config.xml for cu3er – that’s no problem – but if flash is deactivated the js slider will fetch the images from the “image manager”.


    I also thought this, but I’ve done as you say, does not work.

    I visualize correctly the your demo online with ipad / iphone!

    If you try to look at the site with your computer is OK, but you only see the shadow with ipad / iphone

    this is the site: http://www.improntaetika.it

    Help me please, thanks.



    I just checked your site and you’re still using the Flash slider. iPhones/iPads don’t support Flash. Try and activate it and I’ll check again, I don’t own an i-product myself so I can’t test it but I can tell you if you’ve activated the correct slider.


    I know that iPhone and iPad does not support flash, what I asked, is because in the online version of your demo site work with ipad and iphone??? and you can also see the 3D effect.

    this work with iphone and ipad:


    but don’t work on my site:


    I want that works like your online demo…http://kriesi.at/themedemo/?theme=display



    The javascript slider displays fine for me. This slider is also used instead of the flash slider if you view the website with mobile devices which don’t support flash. I can also see the slider with my Opera mobile browser. To be honest I’m not sure why your iphone doesn’t display it. Maybe you need to clear the browser cache or deactivate plugins…


    I can not explain, maybe because I use google translator, sorry.

    I think it is to modify the code to use flash in normal browsers, and use jquery if user agent is iphone or ipad.

    I can pay to solve the problem, help me please.


    We don’t use a browser agent to check the device. It’s a much simpler solution. If the client (desktop or mobile browser) doesn’t support flash (and that’s the case if you use the iphone) a javascript slider will be displayed instead of the flash slider. It’s not necessary to use browser agents.


    ok I understand, but the phone does not display any sliders, why should I take as a solution.



    iPhone and iPad does not display any picture here, why.

    What should I do to fix it.


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