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    I have an issue with css on the buy buttons on my website when i change to affiliate / external product.

    I also had this issue with the “simple products” but was able to do some css myself and fix this.

    If anyone is interested, here is the css code:

    .template-shop div.product div.summary { position: relative; }

    .template-shop div.product div.summary form.cart { position: absolute; top: 10px; right: 20px; }

    .template-shop div.product div.summary div.addwishlistlink { position: absolute; top: 70px; right: 12px;



    I want to know if you can help me out here? If you go to this page you will see it looks good (simple product):

    And here is the issue (affiliate / external product):

    I would like the pages to look like the simple product pages.



    Anyone….? Please HELP. I can’t launch my sites before this issue is fixed….


    4 days later, no reply. Still can’t launch my sites… Support?????

    At least let me know you read the question and you are looking into it, this is frustrating.


    Another bump, maybe i can launch my sites this year…. maybe not…


    Another bump… Support, it’s been 5 days, please help me out and don’t just ignore me.



    you mention external/affiliate products, that’s something I’m looking to do with abundance, where can you set that..? and not so good you haven’t had a reply yet..





    If you go to a product (or create one) in your WP backend, you can choose what product type you want it to be. There you can choose simple, variable, grouped or external / affiliate. Choose external / affiliate.

    Then you will see the Product Data fields will change and you can put the external / affiliate url in there. You can also change the text of the button.

    Yes, i am very disappointed here. They just ignore me. I’m a paying customer asking for support multiple times. It’s ridiculous.


    I am getting sick and tired of waiting for a reply from your support staff Kriesi!

    This is ridiculous, i posted my detailed question over a week ago. I even helped another customer of yours (you’re welcome btw…).

    I mentioned several times that i can’t launch my sites due to this issue, which is an ABUNDANCE issue. The product i BOUGHT from you.

    You just ignore me, and keep ignoring me. Where do i have to go to get support? Maybe i should go over to ThemeForest to complain about the lack of customer service or proper product, maybe ask for a refund? Is that how far i have to take this to get some attention around here?

    I am utterly disappointed that you don’t give a shit about your paying customers.


    STILL no reply.

    Time to go over to ThemeForest i guess….


    Hi andredewaal,

    It seems your post has been skipped over! Our support queue goes by oldest post to newest so bumping actually pushes a topic further back.

    As for your issue, could you be a bit more specific on what the issue is between the two product pages?




    I have been able to finally solve this issue myself.


    Great :)

    What ended up being the fix/cause? Always helps to have the resolutions posted to help when others go looking for something similar.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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