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    When I view the site in an ios device such as an iPhone, the telephone numbers automatically become links. This is great but I can’t seem to control what these links look like and I can’t find anywhere on a style sheet where to change it. These links are inheriting the style from the Theme options control panel.

    Could you please help me change these styles?



    Hi zorrolynx,

    In Safari on iOS, telephone number detection is on by default. You can check this link for more info:

    Try to open you header.php and find this line of code:

    <!-- page title, displayed in your browser bar -->

    Above it, kindly add this code:

    <meta name = "format-detection" content = "telephone=no">

    Hope this helps. :)




    Thanks for the input, but this is not what I wanted. I like the fact that the phone recognizes the phone number and turns it into a link thus making it easy for people to place a phone cal by just clicking the link. What I want is to control what the number looks like. Right now, this link, because it is in the footer is getting it’s style from the Theme options control panel and I cannot find out where to change this style.




    Hi Z,

    We’ll need to look at your site live to see exactly what css is effect where you have the number. I would actually recommend wrapping it in its own class if you really want to single it out and then you can style that class specifically for the number.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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