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    Hi Devin,

    I have made the content area wider and pushed the right sidebar further to the right from css I’ve found in other posts:

    .content .box {

    min-width: 660px;

    width: 660px;

    } {

    left: 992px;


    Currently with this the product image in woocommerce is still only about 470px across and not centred.

    I am wondering if there is css to have this product image made wider and if that is not possible, it would at least be better if the product image was centred – guess I could do that by just reducing the content box width again I suppose..

    Thanks in advance!



    Hi Devin,

    Partially answered this one myself already… I installed the simple image sizes plugin to fine tune the product image size which worked well it seems… Not quite sure but I think the blog image size is actually the product image size in this theme.

    Problem (slight) now is that the product image is not centred in the page – presume there is css code for that? Just want the image centred, nothing else in the product page…




    Hi Michael,

    If you use the Image slideshow at the top of the entry option for the Gallery Layout dropdown it should adjust to the width of the container automatically.




    OK Thanks Devin,

    Will try that – I think I had been using another option.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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