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    I`m having some issues with the website.

    The container seems to push out on every page however it only happens in Google Chrome.

    I have checked other browsers and it appears fine. Anyone know what could be causing this or would anyone know the CSS style that I could search for




    recent (non-theme) updates have caused several themes to display a little off in Chrome. Kriesi is working on an update and there should be an update available soon. Meanwhile I believe you can go in your style.css and find #main, here you can remove the padding-bottom line entirely. I’ve only tested it live on your site so I’m uncertain if it works and whether it causes any other issues for other browsers – but it’s worth the try.


    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your reply! I took away the line of code and it looks good but now the blue portion at the bottom is still sticking out just a bit.

    I’ve tried to replace several lines of code around that area but no luck.


    Based on you comment here: I assume you fixed the problem?


    problem solved – upgrade chrome to latest version.. same thing happened to me before upgrading chrome.. c ya


    Glad that it worked :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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