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    I have been having some difficulty creating a portfolio for some time now. I guess I don’t understand the process on how to make one like examples on the demo theme.


    Hi creativemark,

    creating a portfolio is actually pretty easy (after you got used to the way the Brightbox template builder works):

    1.) Create a page on which you want to display portfolio e.g. name it “Portfolio”

    2.) If you want your main menu to include a link to the portfolio, include the page in the main menu @ Appearance -> Menus

    3.) Create your Portfolio items @ Portfolio Items -> Add new. Assign categories to the new items. Note that the categories for the portfolio items are different to the categories you use for your blog posts. Images that you want represent the items at the portfolio page should be included as Featured Image, not just as an image within the page content.

    4.) Create a page template @ Brightbox -> Template builder. Include the Portfolio Element on that template. In the settings of the element, you can change the characteristics like columns, whether or not excerpts of the single portfolio elements are displayed, etc. At the category menu either select none (to include all categories) or specific categories that you want to display.

    5.) Assign the Portfolio template to the portfolio page from step 1. This can be done when you edit the page. Alternatively, you can also create the page after you created the template and directly assign the template to the new page.


    Thanks shutterlag for helping us out. I’ll write a faq thread about this topic soon.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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