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    Have just purchased your theme but currently need help setting up the blog




    Hi tykay,

    To set up a blog page you just need to create a page called “Blog” and then in the main Theme Options, after you have designated your home page using the dropdown for Home Page you can select the Blog page and all of your posts will be output there.




    Thanks for the response. I knew how to create blog but mine does not look like the one you have on your theme.

    How do I create the one you have in the theme using dynamic template.



    The blog in the demo here: Is just the default blog setup. So no dynamic template set up used.


    So how do I get the default blog?


    Just by selecting the page for the blog to be displayed on in the main theme options. But keep in mind you are not using the exact same layout as the demo (boxed vs stretched) so it won’t look identical, it will use the boxed style that you have chosen for your site.

    I did notice you have some layout issues on the single blog pages which should be fixed by updating the theme files to the most recent version. Can you re-download the theme files from theme forest under your Downloads and then install the theme files just like you did the first time so that you have the most up to date theme version.




    Hi please take a look at my blog again . How do I display the post on the blog I currently have. Guess am not asking too many question


    First you’ll need to update the theme files to the most recent updated files so that you have the most recent bug fixes.

    Second, go to the WordPress Settings>Reading and make sure the first option is set to “Your latest posts” and *not* a Static page. In your main Theme options, you should have selected the front page and the Blog page. For the blog page, make sure that the page you have selected is not in the Trash of your pages section and that it is the correct Blog page.

    If you are still having issues, deactivate all plugins and drop ins to make sure nothing is causing a conflict with the theme files.





    You get the demo blog by spending a few minutes and re-creating it. And I will be here to help you with that. Just so we understand each other, this is the blog you are referring to.

    Alright. Initially with the dummy data my blog page looked like this on my local site, but i beat it into becoming this which is more in line with how the theme looks on the demo.

    It took me some thinking to figure out how to setup the dynamic template so that the sidebar would actually be included inside the boxed page split overlap, so here is a tried and tested method to set it up (which takes 3 minutes, just looks long).

    1) Create a dynamic template and call it ‘blog’ ->

    2) Add elements to ‘blog’ dynamic template (only the ones shown) ->

    3) Add missing Background images that are shown on demo ->

    4) Add Template to Blog page in demo content or create a new one ->

    5) Add widgets to the sidebar in Appearance > Widgets (use Sidebar Blog)

    6) Make sure that in Incarnations > Theme Options , the Blog is set to the page in Step 4

    7) Make sure that in Media > Reading, your Page Display settings (top 4) look like this




    Hi Nick ,

    Have followed your step but still cannot get to displayed like the theme.




    I looked at this page and no, you have not followed the instructions posted.

    I clearly see you still are trying to add a sidebar to the page when the instructions say not to do that, and instead to add the widgets directly to the column element.

    Please follow the instructions step by step without skipping any because the source code of the page tells me exactly what your settings are..




    Thanks for your patient with me. Have done what you asked me to do with a better result but the display is still not there. please let me know what am doing wrong. Also each time I posted a post it display an entire post. Is there any reason for this.


    also the sidebar is not aligning with the post, there is a space between the post and the title. Please help



    Watch the video I made just for you on the bottom!

    I borrowed your background image and made my blog boxed style like yours

    Can you please take a screen snapshot of your Dynamic Portfolio you are using for your blog, so that we can see the settings?

    You MUST have 5 items on your Dynamic Template Do you have 5? If you have 4 , it will not work

    1) Page Split (Big Slideshow Area/No) — You have that

    2) Heading + Breadcrumbs (you have that)

    3) Page Split (Main Content/No) <

    you don’t have

    4) Columns 66%/33%

    5) Blog

    Do you have Column element *before* the Blog element?

    Is the Blog element the Last you have?

    Here, I’ll make a video of me setting this up on a fresh blog page with templates. It is not working for only 1 reason, that you did not recreate what I showed you exactly enough, or you still have setting where you should have none .. Please dont just watch it like a really boring movie, but instead follow along, rewind, and humor me , don’t skip any steps.




    Hi, have done everything , have followed the steps you set out in your video but still coming up the same.

    Please login to the dashboard with the temporary password


    Password: DoublePortion

    Thanks alot


    Lol. This forum is open for reading to the general public. I logged in and changed the password though I wouldn’t trust this install anymore without reviewing things. i installed some security plugins, Since I don’t know where to mail your password you can email me at usjahm at gmail dot com



    1) You didn’t follow my instructions and put the widgets not where i asked you to put them.

    2) You are using an outdated version of the theme . I tried to update you but wasn’t able to.

    i would recommend to re-install anyhow since you left your credential open for hours on here.





    In reference to your email:

    I am sorry but it wouldn’t be fair to others if I spent time reinstalling your theme when you need to get practice doing it yourself. You need to update the theme via FTP. Please contact your host and ask them for your ftp address/login/pw (this is different than your wordpress login/pw).

    Please log into using the account you’ve purchased the theme under and download the latest update. Please be aware that the update will overwrite every single theme file including custom.css , so make sure that you created a backup first.

    The best way to upgrade the theme would be via ftp, rename the theme folder that is currently on your server to (incarnations_old) and then upload the newest version of the theme.

    If you have made customization to your templates, but are no longer sure exactly where, I’ve made a comprehensive video outlining the easiest way to solve that issue.



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