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    My apologies for asking such a basic question but I’ve been through most of the ThemeForest forums and your documentation and I’m still not getting the hang of creating a portfolio page. I have uploaded images into a gallery that is in a post. I have associated that post with a category. In the Levitation Portfolio options, I have created a portfolio page and placed the category on that page. But nothing is showing up on the page. I’m sure I’m missing a step somewhere–could you help?

    Do I have to create a new post for each image?

    The portfolio page is at http://www.prospecthouseevents.com/design-work/.

    Thanks for your help,



    exactly. you first open your levitation-> portfolio options and set the portfolio to be displayed at design work.

    then you set the categories which should be displayed at this page. all posts from this category should now be displayed at design work. to set the preview image dont put the files into the content area, there are several input fields bellow which need to hold the url to the image to be displayed properly…


    Hi John,

    I just had a look at your website, and I’m trying to do something pretty similar to what you’ve done on your Greenbriar Wedding Collection page where you show a selection of items and then when you click on them there are more than one image that you can click through. How did you go about doing this?



    Thanks very much for your help! The page is looking good and all of the posts and categories are working. You can see the result at http://www.prospecthouseevents.com/design/.


    The portfolio template in the Levitation theme makes this work really well. I create a post, give it a title and put the URL of one image in the slider/portfolio area. In the Portfolio Options area, I then select a page to display the portfolio, and select the category of the posts that I’ve created. As long as there is more than one post in the category, Levitation will do the rest.


    Hi there!

    I really like the look of triplej’s site: http://www.prospecthouseevents.com/design but am having trouble reproducing that look on my site. What I have currently is the portfolio that only displays photos which enlarge. What I would like is what triplej did of creating blog posts that have a smaller image and links to another page, which then displays the images.

    What I have done is set the portfolio options to display ‘portfolio’ and then check each post accordingly. What am I missing?

    the domain is http://www.thefreshink.com/portfolio/



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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