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    Hi guys – looking for some help.

    I am a photographer and I want to create a password protected post where clients can view their photos and choose the ones that they want.

    How do I create a password protected area – I have reviewed the documentation and the theme and I can’t find anything that shows me or allows me to do this.




    Hey Guys as an FYI – on the theme demo, under portoflio it shows Portfolio 2 columns and Portfolio 3 columns giving details of the different portfolio options available in the theme.

    In the Imported Dummy Data, I only got details for Masonry Portfolio Example & This is a portfolio entry but nothing else – can you redirect me to a post that allows me to learn how to set up all the different options that you showed on the demo please.

    Thank you



    I’m stuck – please help. This is now my bread & butter stuff and I need your help.



    Also – where is the shop template? I did not get in in Dummy Data import either – Portfolio options, password protected, shop template – these are the reasons why I bought your template.

    Please help.



    Hey Guys – need some help her PLEASE on above stuff. Based on the quick responses to other threads, it feels that you are ignoring me and I do not understand why.



    All answered here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -days-no-responses?replies=2#post-56010



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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