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    First, I have to apologise for the lengthy post, but this is the first time I have used WordPress and it’s also the first time I have edited a website!! Newbie doesn’t begin to cover it unfortunately, so please be gentle. My partner and his team create mobile applications and games and as their web programmer is busy with other work, they have left me to figure out how to use this Broadscope theme (Vers. 1.0.5) to give them a working website where they can showcase their products. I have completed much of the initial editing using the Broadscope theme options and I have created the menu which now has 11 pages including the Home page which I have set up as the frontpage. I would like to set up the Products page to have a submenu, where headings drop down and (a) link to a new page and (b) are accompanied by some text and images.

    I have looked at the template documentation but although it says “Activating the mega menu is quite simple: just check the checkbox that gets shown for top level items. All items that are nested directly below them will then be converted to columns instead of links. these columns can then hold any number of links, and also text and images since the description field also accepts html code!” when I do this it doesn’t change any pages to columns. When I drag and drop the page below and to the slight right of the custom page (created through the URL in Custom Links) it becomes a column, but then when I click on Save Menu, it reverts back to being a page, albeit one that now says Mega Menu next to it. And yet, there is still no drop down menu on the site. What am I doing wrong? Is there a simple step by step instruction manual anywhere? I’ve not found anything that can help me so far in the help files, the template documentation or on the internet. Help!!


    Have resolved this issue myself. Guess this is what happens when you’re a newbie. Still struggling with learning how to use shortcodes and stuff, but thankfully this brick wall that I hit has finally fallen down through brute force.


    Glad that you solved the problem. I set the staus to resolved.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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