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    I’ve been searching throughout the forums for hours to find something relevant to my problem, but it looks like I’m the only unfortunate one.

    Oh by the way, first of all congratulations for creating such a pretty theme, Its damn beautiful (I know I’m pretty late to discover that, but anyway ;) ).

    Ok, I guess the mega menu doesn’t likes me. I followed the instructions to create a mega menu, right now, this is how the menu hierarchy looks like

    and this, here is what comes up at frontend:

    I tried to annotate the image to explain my problems, but again

    • first of all I want the Image to span to multiple columns, I mean, I want it to take full width like on demo page under Shop Menu.
    • Second, even though I entered a Dash (-) as caption in direct child of Mega menu, which starts a new row, It still shows the Dash as caption. It was meant be invisible I believe.
    • And finally, the menus under the column seems broken, they are not aligned with the bullets, instead they overlap the bullets.

    Right now I dont have the theme up on a server so I cant give you any link to investigate whats going on with this. I hope one of your brilliant staff peoples can guess something ?


    By the way, It would be really great if you can create some articles on how to create mega menus with different layouts.

    I see many different layouts on demo site but unfortunately I have no idea about how to replicate them


    Anyone ?

    I see all the other threads created after this has been resolved. Why not this one ?


    Hi Gufran,

    Our queue goes by oldest post in a topic so each time you respond it actually pushes it back in our queue.

    The structure of a mega menu should be like this:

    Nav1 Nav2 Nav3 Nav4 Nav5

    So then in your Menus manager, you have those items. You expand Nav2 and make it a mega menu.

    Now, the next indent will be the column titles. Each column will have items indented again which are the bullets under it or a text box/image.

    So if you want an image to span the full width of columns under it, you need to have Nav2>Column (this has the image in the description field).

    Immediately after that and not a sub item of it will be a new column which starts a new row. You just need to think of it as a big table where something that takes up the full width needs to be its own row.




    Hey Devin,

    Thank for replying, however your answer does not helps me much.

    I still couldn’t figure out how to fix the bullets indentation and the dash appearing as a caption.

    Please solve these problems first because these the real hurdles right now. I guess I’d eventually figure out the structure of mega menu.


    I’m not really sure how I could solve them without setting up the menu for you. The structure of the menu is what creates the layout so they are both equally important.

    If you can set up a new test install and install the theme there, you can use the import dummy data option to get a pre-formatted site complete with demo pages and a menu as an example.

    For example, in my live test install I use this mega menu:


    which creates this on the front end:





    Hey Devin,

    Thanks for the answer and sorry for no acknowledgement.

    I didn’t come back because I got no notification about your follow up and I fixed the problem with after some random experiments.

    I dont know what was wrong but now I’m familiar with the working of mega menu.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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