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    Hi there, we love your theme, however we’ve noticed a few problems – could you tell us how to fix please?:

    If we set the permalinks to display as “post-name”, it shows “blog” “portfolio” and the portfolio entries fine and display the correct permalinks, however if you open one of the blog posts, the url simply end in “blog/post-name”, causing a 404.

    Also, in the blog if you activate the sidebar, the image in the tooltip appears behind the sidebar. Also is there a way to display the images of the post on the “blog” page, rather than having to click through to the post to view them?

    Thanks in advance



    I think the problem is that your blog page is also called “blog”. WP thinks it’s a sub page of “blog” (however it’s a category slug) and can’t find the page. You can solve this problem by renaming the slug or the blog page name (& permalink) so that “blog” is unique.

    2) In includes/loop-index.php replace:

    if(is_search() || avia_is_overview())


    if(is_search() )

    and the full post content (including images, etc.) will be displayed.

    3) Try to add following css code to css/custom.css to fix the tooltip bug:

    z-index: 20;


    Thanks for the quick reply! We’ll give this a go


    I hope it works :)


    Hey, unfortunately the second two fixes didn’t work :( in “includes/loop-index.php” there wasn’t a line saying “if(is_search() || avia_is_overview())”, it was already “if(is_search() )”, and then the fix for the tooltip in the custom.css didn’t work, tried adding the z-index line to the dark-skin.css but that didn’t work either, any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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