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    I’m re-downloaded the template and it seems to be the correct one. I’m going into each folder and seeing which files have been modified at a later date and uploading them to their respective places. Unless I didn’t see it, I would suggest having versions somewhere in the theme or name of the theme zip file so we know which is newer.

    As per my previous unanswered question, is there a way for the description to appear UNDER the photos and not next to them?


    The RSS feed next to my linkedin button is there by default. When I click it, it sends me to a page with codes and with the following title: This “XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”

    Can I fix this or delete the RSS icon somehow?


    How do I change the footer content of “besides are some interesting links”. I know where I can change the number of columns but the footer.php file affects the footer of the entire webpage which is the “copyright” stuff.

    The portfolio grayscaled items are displaying in full size within the portfolio “square”. When I hover my mouse it resizes properly and goes in color. I’ve regenerated all the thumbnails but it’s still not working…

    the plugin in says:

    Total Images: 20

    Images Resized: 0

    Resize Failures: 20

    then 20X

    function (){if(c){var a=c.length;m(arguments),i?k=c.length:e&&e!==!0&&(j=a,n(e[0],e[1]))}return this}


    I’ve been searching on the forums for hours. I solved the RSS problem (by hiding the icon). I figured how to change the “besides are some interesting links”

    1)I’ve seen solutions with quickCSS to put all the text on the bottom of the photo (when you select a portfolio item), however, I want to keep the TITLE on top, the META to the sides and have my description ONLY on the bottom, without column restriction.HOw do I this?

    2) Still having issues with the resizing of thumbnail images… please see

    Please help me solve these 2 problems. Thank you very much. (I’d like to point out this only happened AFTER the update)


    Hey Jessipoo,

    In regards to updating, I wouldn’t suggest just updating some of the files based on modified dates. Sometimes the theme folders are changed (structure, where files are located etc) as well so then when we look to see if the version number is correct in the CSS, we might not be able to actually diagnose a problem.

    As long as your modifications to the theme are in the Quick CSS or the custom.css, completely overwriting the theme folder won’t cause any changes in your site. If you make changes to the core files you will need to look over the version log to see if any changes were done to those pages that will cause a conflict. If so, you will need to re-add those changes to the php, css or js files.

    You can always look at the version.rtf located in the zip file you download from themeforest. Kriesi puts notes on which version you just downloaded and the various changes for each version.

    Re: Interesting links – Just add any widget to the Footer – column 1 widget area in your Widgets admin. The default footer text/information is only there until you replace it with your own widgets.

    Re: Text under portfolio – I don’t know of an non-complicated way to move the text below the image for the portfolio inline view. Its a bit out of the scope support can do.

    Re: RSS Feed – That is your wordpress RSS feed. You can use a service like feedburner to allow easy subscription to your content: See

    You can disable it from being viewed by adding the following to your Quick CSS or custom.css file:

    .social_bookmarks .rss{

    I’m not sure what you mean about the portfolio images.

    Please make future questions in a new thread, its very difficult to keep track of questions in older posts that span pages.


    Thank you for the response Devin. This is rather overwhelming since I’m learning basic coding, WP and the theme all at once, and it’s only been 3 weeks. I will make future posts next time for new topics and then close them as resolved.

    Can I suggest that in future updates the text and portfolio items have more customization? (so that the description alone can be place under the image?)

    so if I understand correctly, if x person has an RSS feed program installed or configured, as soon as they would press my RSS feed icon on my webpage, they could follow me? So I only had the error because I don’t have an RSS feed installed on my computer?

    I’m in the process of re-uploading the framework folder and I checked my website again, seems to be running better but there are still a few photos that are a bit odd and not working well in the thumbnail unhover/hover


    Yes – all users with a rss feed reader (or eg Firefox users because Firefox comes with a basic rss reader out of the box) will see your rss feed and can read it without problems.

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