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    Hi, loving the template and after some difficulties in the beginning I got it working.

    I have a few problems though

    -How do you change the copyright info?

    -How do you change content in the footer? I managed to get it down to 1 column but still don’t see where I can change the info, links, etc.

    -I sent myself a test email through the contact page (verified and it is the correct email) and I have not received an email…

    -I don’t see the text for my excerpt after I open up an individual portfolio item

    -portfolio items, once opened, don’t have a “Back” or close button option. What’s the fix for this?

    -Can you change the portfolio item order, as of now I’m just putting in all my work but I realize sometimes I am not uploading them in order.

    If anybody can help me please help,

    Not having a description to my project is frustrating and I’ve been trying to learn all of it on my own but I really cannot find the solution to these problems

    Thank you!


    there has to be somebody that knows the answers to my questions…. I can’t imagine everyone here not know how to use the template properly.


    thanks in advance.


    I was having issues with the template so I erased everything in the folders and restarted from scratch, uploading via filezilla ftp.

    I don’t have the + – x or excerpt like most people.. I didn’t modify any code.


    it would be nice to have some feedback given I’ve paid for this template and would like to use it properly.


    I am not afraid to review this template harshly if I don’t get some support since I am not exactly using it and not getting any feedback from anybody.


    ANGULAR – likewise finding it hard to find my way around after much research to find a suitable template – my issue is after finally finding the user documentation it is not in line with this theme – e.g. shortcodes – I assumed these were available for all pages however possible only for POSTS?? then I started a new post and there is no helpful majic wand “The theme comes with quite a few shortcodes that are easily accessible thanks to a visual self-explanatory user interface that is accessible by clicking the magic wand button when you write a post” – where is the majic wand????

    costing production time so please can I have a know how please – thank you other wise I will also provide a review – waste US$35 and go to another template – looking forward to support please

    thank you


    edit footer.php manually!


    well thank you for the help guys, there is still a lot of important things I can’t figure out though and I see moderators answering other questions so.. am I to assume that they cannot answer my questions because the template wasn’t properly programmed? that’s worrisome.


    – The copyright can be changed in the footer.php

    – These are standard widgets, if you drag other widgets in there through your Widget menu they’ll be replaced. You can also remove the standard ones completely by removing them in angular/includes/admin/register-widget-area.php

    – You should contact your host to enable the mail(); function.

    ^Can you link to your page for these issues, do you have any plugins installed? Try and disable these and check if it works.

    Portfolio Order Topic that will help you.

    jessipoo, excuse me for the delay. Due to the success of the newer themes the support topics built up and some were missed. Interesting to hear you’re willing to review the entire theme negatively for a somewhat slower support. The template was coded well, sorry for the delay.

    It’s interesting to hear you’re willing to review negatively to get faster support (in your first post), ishbel52. Please link me to the pages you’re trying to use shortcodes on so I can have a look. Also please specify what you’re trying to achieve with the shortcodes.

    Anyway I’m sorry you feel this way, you can always contact Envato for refunds, they’re your contract partner – we’re here for theme malfunctions and/or helping users set things up when they don’t know how to do something.

    I hope I could help, let me know if there’s anything else.

    Best regards,

    Chris :)


    Hi chris

    not trying to review negatively but having spent hours reading through the user documentation and watching the videos [all appreciated] can you please advise where I can find the majic wand. I guess we all start somewhere – my expertise is not web pages but very familar with user documentation that reflects the application. Anyway I am trying to link shortcodes to pages [they are just not that obvious such as tabs / toogles etc to build page – and will keep working on it and then get back if I may. I appreciate the support been back online – Cheers



    I created an image for you:


    When using shortcodes outside posts you have to use the do_shortcode function in the php.

    Best regards,



    Don’t get me wrong Chris. I love the template, the lack of support however is a little disconcerting, and I was patient and polite before I got upset, with good reason.

    The fact that my last questions posted (in another post probably 2 weeks ago) went unanswered.. is alarming and I felt dismissed since other posts were being answered. So how do you think I am suppose to feel about the situation? The login page says that questions are answered in a day or so. It has been a week that my questions went unanswered.

    I’m glad you guys are seeing a lot of success in your other templates, but don’t forget existing (as potential future clients) clients who need help to make this template work and actually use it to its full potential (that is still advertisement for you guys). My post shouldn’t be taken so negatively but I was running out of options and I haven’t posted any reviews yet, I’m not that rash. Hopefully this is a wake up call to try and get your support fully running before taking on more projects and taking on more than you guys can handle. Customer service is important.

    My website is and I still have issues with the excerpt

    The only 2 plugins I had activated were: Image Upload HTTP Error Fix and Third Party Host Fix because I was having uploading difficulties. I disabled them and the excerpt is still missing.

    I wrote things in the excerpt box for each portfolio item and I don’t see anything there. I actually wrote text in the “regular” description box and now I see text on the right of my photo. That doesn’t seem to make sense since there IS an excerpt box (but the contents of those are not appearing)

    Are there other settings I am suppose to have set up before?

    Why isn’t the “x” on a selected portfolio item showing up so it can go back to portfolio grid selection?


    Thank you for the link for the portfolio item order, that will definitely help me.


    I found this on the wordpress support page: Note: As of WordPress version 3.1, some screen options on the Post & Page edit Administration Panels are hidden by default. The Excerpt field is hidden by default if it has not been used before.

    How do I make the excerpt visible?


    also, how do you change the font for the excerpt and the meta info to the right of the photo?

    Is there a way to install new fonts on wordpress?



    thanks for the image – yes I see why as I do not get that feature? – I see only part of that functionality




    Just to add where / how do I get this functionality. WPress version 3.3.1 and the theme 1.1.1 – asked the person who installed these themes and she had no idea what i was talking about so I had no luck there – and where do I find the shortcodes for the toggles etc – I have looked through the editor page? thanks


    Hi Jessipoo,

    The quote from the wordpress is referring to the admin side of things. You can turn on and off certain options while viewing and editing pages/posts.

    After reading the exchange before, let me try and answer a few of your questions.

    Concerning the Read More, when creating your text on the portfolio items, you should use the Insert More line break. Its in the top row of menu icons on the editor window. You can also just press Alt+Shift+T to insert it while you are typing.

    I STRONGLY recommend if you want to see how to make your site look like the sample site Kriesi has displaying his theme you make use of the “Import dummy data” button/feature in the Angular theme options. It will populate the entire wordpress installation with all the same photos, images, portfolio posts and pages (with accompanied settings and templates). As web developer myself, this is what I do every single time I work with a new theme and the option is available. You can delete the pages/posts/images you don’t want but you get to see how everything is set up on the backend.

    This brings me to the front page portfolio display issues (no + or -). On the demo site, kriesi is using a Template Builder template called Frontpage. If you use the Import dummy data option, this template gets created for you. If you do not, the template consists of the following elements:

    A Text Area/Callout/Quotes


    Horizontal Ruler


    Logo/Partner List

    Horizontal Ruler

    In the portfolio element, you will need to make sure the Portfolio Single Entries option is set on Show on current page to display portfolio items within the home page.

    I hope this helps :)



    Thanks Devin, I will try importing the dummy data and then changing everything from there. Hopefully that will fix.. all of my issues. I’m already somewhat familiarized with it since I have been playing around with it trying to figure out how to make it work.

    If I were to change the background color or photo, how could I change the color and font type of all the other text (like the meta information and the excerpt?) it seems when you choose a font it only applies it to certain things like the titles. Do I have to change them individually in the text box when I write up text for the individual portfolio items? if so, what about the footer, the meta information (or whatever you call it that’s right next to the photo for short additional information)

    sorry if I’m using the wrong terms.


    A lot of those can be done in the Styling section of the Angular admin menu. The options are a bit limited to help the colors/choices coordinate across the entire site.

    If you want to modify specific elements (like ONLY portoflio headers) you will need to add specific style into Quick CSS or the Custom.css stylesheet.


    As suggested, I imported the data dummy stuff.

    It’s working and I’m happy. That was such an easy suggestion and with some modifications, I was able to make it my own. Thank you.

    My issue now is that I added some pages (and deleted some) I publish it and it’s showing at the footer but not at the top. I feel so noob and I looked everything to see if I’m missing something but it seems I am not..


    You can use the menu manager (Appearance > Menus) to build your own custom menu. Just add the new pages to a menu and assign this menu to a theme location (dropdown option on the left side next to the menu builder). You can add some options by clicking on the “Screen Options” tab at the top – then de/select the required option fields.


    Found it in appearance>menus.

    That’s odd… last time I tried doing this (before importing the dummy data) I didn’t have to go through that, the page would automatically appear as a link. Nvm.

    I was wondering if I could change the +/- in the tabs of the selected portfolio item (I’ve tried changing both “-” & “+” in wordpressthemes (paid)angular-responsive-portfolioanuglarjsprojekktor.min.js file on the server; line 14)


    Alright thank you, that helped.

    I was wondering, in the portfolio description box, is there a way for it to automatically have the “read more” link? My text surpasses my photo and it looks a bit odd.


    Also, is there any way to add a linkedin link instead of Facebook and Twitter?


    Hey Jessipoo,

    To add that “read more” link to your portfolio posts you can use the “Insert More Tag” in the visual editor. Its next to the buttons that add links to text. You can also use the keyboard shortcut of Alt+Shift+T while your typing your text to insert it.

    The linkedin icon option *has been added as of version 1.1.1


    Will the update be free?

    What other improvements can we expect to see?

    Any ideas on a release date?


    Devin, is there a way for the description to appear UNDER the photos and not next to them?


    Hi Jessipoo,

    My mistake! Version 1.1.1. was released and is available on themeforest for download. Editing the original post so their isn’t any confusion.


    Version 1.1.1

    Added a linkedin social media button at the top right media bar

    further improved javascript performance

    fixed some css bugs

    fixed a bug with the email autoresponder

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