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    Hey, couple of tweaking questions.

    1. How to add alt text to news and combo widgets?

    2. How to change frontpage slide title tags but keep same appearance? I don’t want them to be h1 tags, h2 would be fine.

    3. Any tips how to speed up the theme? I am experienced with speeding up wordpress itself, but if there is something I could do theme wise, please let me know. Also if you offer complete service tuning up the theme, let me know! (and again, tuning up theme performance, not wordpress itself)


    And one more:

    4. How to specify image dimensions for fade slider?



    Use this plugin

    This is a list of all the h1 tags and the files each is located in for the entire theme.

    To change h1 to h2.. Do you have a page where we can see this to give you the correct css to use?

    If you want to speed up the theme, You can use Super Cache or Quick Cache, and you can use better wordpress minify plugin.

    You can also add some of the things found here into your .htaccess file, though slowly and one at a time .




    Thank you for detailed and thoughtful answer! is website in question.

    Got question 2 done already. Seo image plugin did not solve question 1.


    The combo widget uses the get_the_post_thumbnail() to show the article image. Afaik this function will add the alt tag automatically and you just need to enter them in the media gallery (edit the attachment and insert the text into the description field).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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