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    Good morning and happy new year !!

    I have a few questions and am pretty sure you can help me:)

    how to get just the beginning of a post from the blog appearing on a page ?

    How to change the style and size of a « calling out » button ?

    Is it possible to have only the picture of the product appearing on the home page ?

    how to translate « you are here – home… » and « cart »

    in the product detail page tags and category are mentioned on the right side, is it possible not to have it ?

    Translate the contact form ? on this page the slideshow overflows on the right side bar, how can I solve it ?

    Even when programming a specific side bar for a page, the generic one appears, how can I have only the one I want ?

    Is it possible to have lowercase for widget titles ?

    When I click the button « procéder à la commande » (order) it goes to a page saying (shopping cart) but no action is possible

    I must have set up something wrong but have no idea of what

    many thanks in advance for your feed back.



    Hi there,

    Would you have some elements to the questions here above please?

    Many thanks


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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