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    Hi all,

    I was wondering…

    There are two types of posts, the ones for the blog and the ones for the portfolio.

    I would like to have my blogposts categorized and ordened automatically in the portfolio as well.

    Like that you would have the chronologically posted articles ánd have them ordered nicely in the portfolio section.

    I thought of double posting articles (once in the blog, once in the portfolio) to simulate that effect, but then technically I would have two different posts and two different reactions on the posts as well…

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks! Wim.


    Currently this is not possible. I’m also not aware of any plugins which could help you with that. I’m sorry.


    So essentially what you want to do is use the portfolio style as your main post style?

    You can’t automatically add your blog posts to the portfolio. However, there is essentially a way you can achive this look.

    Number 1 – Is the easiest method which is simply replacing your home page in the settings with the portfolio page.

    Would be to go into Settings >> Reading and then under ‘Front Page Displays’ option chose your portfolio page as your home page and then set your posts page as ‘blog’. Then make a custom menu but do not include the link to the blog. Then simply post all your items as portfolio items instead of the normal ‘post’ type.

    As you have hidden your ‘blog’ page by using the custom menu users should never come across it.

    Number 2 – Would require advanced customisation by you. You would need to modify your index.php to use the same code as the portfolio page. I would only reccomend this is you are an advanced user and can understand the PHP.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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