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    First a small correction. The prompt for the Captcha in the Coherence them says,

    “Please proof that you are human…”

    The correct wording should be

    “Please prove that you are human…”

    PROVE, not proof.

    Also an enhancement request for the Coherence contact form: it would be very helpful if I could control the subject of the e-mail sent by the contact form, so I could make it something I can easily recognize as coming from the website contact form. As it is now, I see a return e-mail address I do not recognize, and a subject I do not recognize, so I am afraid I will delete the e-mail without reading it, thinking it is spam.


    Hey Arkansawyer,

    That should be fixed on the front end in the most recent version. I did just update the proof=>prove that shows in the Theme Options however so it will be fixed there in the next update of the theme files :)


    As for the subject, I’ll mark the request for Kriesi to implement as a change to the form function.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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