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    I have looked through the forum for the Corona template and would like to use the same Welcome page you use in the demo site.

    I populated my new site with your default content and am trying to customize the welcome page

    Toward the bottom above the icons is a call out button in black that says Here is a Little of our Work, and at the bottom is the button that says Take the tour.

    I figured out how to change the text by going to the template builder and selecting the template there and editing it.

    I would like to change out the background colors for these. It uses an option called callout style for the text styling. But the background colors remain

    I have changed the colors in the Corona panels theme options> styling to the color I want already, but these two do not seem to pick up the color change.

    How would I go about this?

    this is the page I am talking about



    you can change the background of the “Here is a Little of our Work” by changing the color code in your css>shortcodes.css file at

    .custom_hr_text {

    The background of the bigger button is located in your minimal-skin.css under

    .callout .big_button

    You’ll see a link to a background image, you can either replace the image with your preferred image. You can do this by either changing the link to the file or by replacing the actual file with an image of your own, you can do this in your images folder (images/icons/bg-button.png).

    You can also remove the background image line and simply put a hex color code as background color.

    Let us know if you need more help or if it works :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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