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    I’ve got a test WordPress 3.4.1 site using Corona running locally using WAMP2.2

    Using the AviaCordion slider, whenever I try to add a featured media via URL, the resulting slider shows the URL to the item rather than the image (or video, i’ve tried both)

    Sometimes in the Theme Options, if its an image i’m trying to add via URL, the thumbnail of that image will show in the Featured Media section, but still doesn’t show in the preview of the site page, just the URL shows in the slider.

    Do you think i’m having an issue with my WAMP setup, like my webserver is giving an issue with allowing the linking to the url (ya that sounds like grasping to me too, but i thought i’d ask) or do you think i’m not doing something right in add featured media. i saw the tutorial videos and believe i’m doing it like presented, seems pretty easy but not working (locally, i’ve not tried through a webhost and currently dont have that available at the moment which is why i wondered if it had to do with the config of my local setup)

    Thanks all!

    i’d add a screenshot but this forum doesnt have that enabled apparently.


    Hey zoemorn,

    Bit of a tough spot to be in! I’m betting it might be a limitation of the setup or indeed the way it is setup. Can you try using images uploaded instead of just the URL?




    Getting prohibited by the upload limit. This would be particularly the case for videos.

    I’m sure i can adjust the upload limit somewhere. Was just looking forward to seeing that capability in action.



    Not sure if this can help but try to add this on your .htacess file.

    php_value upload_max_filesize 20M
    php_value post_max_size 20M
    php_value max_execution_time 200
    php_value max_input_time 200





    in a local setup utilizing WAMP,

    adding featured media (images) to the AviaCordion slider from files on my computer, using the upload media functionality, when i go to preview the page or view it, the images show up but there is what appears to be a ‘loading icon’ overlaying each of them as if the image is still loading. This loading icon doesn’t go away unless you click on the image causing it to go to full size of course.

    any idea why i’m getting a loading icon when the image is already loaded in the slider? i’m working on this for a client but these peculiarities are causing serious resistance to my productivity. This slider was a big attractant for the client so i’d really like to make it work (or use something just like it in its stead).




    the constant loading issue is occuring on all the sliders except for the 3d Piecmaker option. The others all show the loading icon, though sometimes it seems like its displaying the loading icon for one image rather than all that are in the slider.

    I installed the 1.4 version of the Corona theme hoping that might help but had the same result.


    Maybe a js error causes this issue but I’d need to investigate the code first hand. A (maybe ugly) fix for now is to simply remove the loading icon from the background – add following code to css/custom.css:

    #top div .aviacordion .featured {
    background: #ffffff !important;


    A possible lead:

    looking at the functions.php in the theme’s folder (corona in this case)

    you see the following defined image sizes:

    $avia_config = array(‘width’=>930, ‘height’=>370); // big images for fullsize pages and fullsize 2D & 3D slider

    $avia_config = array(‘width’=>930, ‘height’=>523); // big images for single portfolio pages

    $avia_config = array(‘width’=>610, ‘height’=>370); // big Image for aviacordion

    for the AviaCordion slider, I noticed that if i use an image sized to 610 px in width, the loading icon didn’t appear.

    Kind of annoying and doesn’t seem like a very ‘smart’ methodology if this is really the main reason i’m having the oddness occur. But it is a workaround for me(simply making sure my images match that criteria)

    I assume applying this method would work for the other sliders, using the respective parameters defined in functions.php

    i welcome anyone’s thoughts about handling this better or simply differently. would be nice if the sliders simply could handle differently sized images, perhaps in a future release or perhaps its not cost effective to code.


    Hi zoemorn,

    What is supposed to happen is that every time you upload an image to your site it checks the themes functions.php for what sizes of images it needs to create for the various theme uses. So there should be no need to go by those numbers because they should be created automatically as part of the wordpress function:

    I don’t know what function server side its using but it looks like it isn’t being run properly.

    You may want to try disabling all active plugins you have running and see if that helps.




    i’m running a plain install of WP with the corona theme applied. i’ve not installed any extra plugins. Yes Devin after some closer inspection I noticed the multiple images that get created at varying sizes to perform the slider illusion.

    Still having trouble with the loading icon showing up and not being able to figure out the cause. Using the sample images that come with WP (photo of an apple for instance) and no loading icon shows up. When using self-uploaded images the loading icon shows up but not necessarily every time.

    I guess something about my local setup is causing this. I’m planning on securing a webhost soon and i’ll setup a sandbox on it and see if the same occurs there.



    A local setup issue is my best guess. I only rarely use a local installation simply because of the issues I’ve had getting everything working correctly vs. a live site.




    I’ve installed everything to a webhost, still having the same issues I had with the local setup sadly.

    To reiterate the problem(s)

    AviaCordion – when adding this into a page, I press the Upload for Upload media, then use From URL, and input url for an image file I’ve uploaded to the server. The path is correct, and is even seen in the thumbnail of the Add Featured Media section of the AviaCordion setup. But once I click preview or Update page, and then view the page, instead of inserting the image into the AviaCordion slider, it shows the URL. Clicking the URL brings up the image in the lightbox.

    Weird, and frustrating.

    Alternatively, if I Upload media through the “From Computer” method, which then saves the file into a WP constructed folder directory, the image does show up in the slider upon hover, but a “loading” type spinning progress image hovers over the center of the image indefinitely as you hover.

    these seem like odd bugs unless i am somehow doing this process incorrectly though i’ve tried varying means.

    i’m using Bluehost, and the latest WP version. I dont really have much in the way of extra plugins installed.


    This is with Corona: 1.5 and wordpress 3.5.1?

    I can see the add image by URL maybe having issues but the upload image shouldn’t have any issues. Definitely try it with no plugins active as even a simple plugin can cause a conflict with a theme if its poorly coded or takes liberties with how it adds things in.

    If you still are having the same issue, create an admin account for me and i’ll take a look live to see whats going on.

    You can send the information to my email at DevinVinson (at) Make sure to include a link to this topic so that my spam filter doesn’t grab it :)




    Thanks Devin for your willingness to help. WP 3.5.1 and Corona 1.3 – i dont know that i knew there was a 1.5 version

    also, i typically use Chrome, but also looked at it in IE 8.

    (in Chrome) There are 5 sliders, and the 1st left most one exhibits only a spinning ‘loading’ indicator, the 2nd slider is showing a Zoom (magnifying glass) indicator (why i dont know), and 3 -5 are showing the Zoom AND Loading indicator at the same time, yeargh!

    ha, craziness.

    (in IE8) the 1st slider displays a spinning loading indicator, the 2nd looks perfect, and 3-5 show spinning loading indicators.

    haven’t tried firefox or other.

    if none of this info helps with ideas I’ll see about getting you hooked up to take a look. thanks Do you think I should try getting corona1.5?


    Hi Zoemorn,

    Yes, we recommend for you to always keep your theme updated with the latest version.

    If you are using Corona 1.3 , you will need to update it first since there are quite a few improvements in the latest version. Please sign into your account that you’ve used to purchase the theme and download the newest update. Please be aware that the update will overwrite all files in your correct theme including your custom.css file.Please make sure to backup your current theme prior to using FTP to install the latest theme update.

    Please use child themes in the future.



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