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    Sorry, but I didn’t find on the forum how to remove the author and category on individual post, leaving only date and comments.

    I found how to remove all the items but not how to remove one or two …

    Thanks for you help.



    If you want to do that only on single blog pages its rather easy: each body tag has a unique class with the id of teh current post.

    for example this page: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    has the body class: single single-post postid-282 single-format-standard (just look at the html source code to see it)

    you can now use the following to hide thhose elements:

    .postid-282 .blog-categories, #top.postid-282 .blog-author{display:none;}

    if you want to do that on post overview pages (pages that display multiple blog entries) you need to modify the loop-index.php file in folder includes:

    line 14 should read:

    now you can use the same snippet as above to hide the elements.

    Last but not least: you might notice that the “/” symbols are still there: you also need to modify them in the loop-index.php file. search foe every occurence of:


    and modify each one to make it read

    class=’text-sep text-sep-1′

    class=’text-sep text-sep-2′


    with the additional class you can now also target those separators and hide them

    .postid-282 .text-sep-2{display:none;}



    My client asked to delete/hide/remove all (date, comments, category and user) in all posts

    22 Dec 2011 / Comentarios inhabilitados / en Uncategorized/por Admin

    How can I do that in Corona and Shotubox?

    Thank you so much




    add following code to css/custom.css:


    display: none !important;




    Thank you

    Worked fine in Corona!

    But I need to do the same in shouttbox? Is the same procedure?

    Thank you



    Yes – it requires the same code.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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