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    I love the features of corona, its fantastic and i love it…. My site…

    Now… i need it to be in mobile….. i now installed wptouchpro but still no avail…

    Any suggestion how?

    Can anybody share some website running in CORONA and great to look in mobile devices… need to see it…



    Unfortunately Corona is not a responsive theme like Propulsion or Angular.

    Let me forward this among the support staff, maybe they know some website using Corona which is customized to look great on mobile devices.




    Thank you Ismael….. Looking forward to it…


    Hi jbsuralta,

    My best advice would be to try something like a plugin that changes the theme based on the viewport so that you can switch to a mobile specific theme for mobile users. Alternatively, you can add your own @media queries into the custom.css and change the theme layout for mobile view if you are comfortable creating your own in depth css.




    Thanks Devin…

    Huh…. its a bit hard then huh… Hope Kreisi can update this theme to be responsive. Coz I believe he can and he will.

    I’ll add few bucks for this features (if required) if he manage to update this to a responsive theme. I love the features of CORONA and I dont want to destroy the beauty of it in mobile theme… that mostly sucks… (pardon my words).

    Thanks again.


    To be honest I think chances are very low that Corona will receive a responsive framework. There’s just too much work involved and too many other (responsive) themes are similiar and offer the same features like Corona. Some features (like the accordion slider) are currently not compatible with responsive layouts anyway.


    I also use Corona and while I’m fine with having a non-responsive theme, I’d like the theme to at least fill the screen when you pull it up in mobile. Any suggestions on how to do this?


    Hi Becky,

    I don’t really know what you mean by fill up the screen. The theme has no direct support for media queries or mobile use so how it displays on a mobile device is entirely up to the device.

    If you wanted the theme to behave differently, it would need to be customized to add in mobile support. As is, it isn’t a theme feature.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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