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    I use WP as multisite installation with several subblogs in subdirectories with 4 or 5 of Kriesi’s themes. These subdirectories are mapped to domains.

    All internal site links in all Kriesi-themes behave in the same way (for example Newscast), but only CORONA behaves strange concerning the internal link URLs’ paths, for better explaining please take a look at the screenshot:

    Only the “read more”-link at the frontpage below the blog previews behaves right: it shows the right link when hovering over it = the mapped domain, here: subdomain

    All other links in main navigation, in subnavigation or when hovering over the blog post previews at the frontpage show the wrong URL…, that means they show the path to the subdirectory, instead of the right PATH to the mapped domain….

    When I go to my subblog using NEWSCAST for example, then all internal links – when hovering them in that way – show the right path URL:… and not my subdirectory…:

    This is also right in all my other sub-blogs and its mapped domains. If I disable all plugins and use the TwentyEleven theme, that I have mapped to a subdomain, then all internal blog links show by hovering the exactly this mapped subdomain and NOT the path to the created subdirectory of this sub-blog. So I guess, it’s an issue of CORONA.

    Note: when clicking these links, they work indeed right and are redirected to the correct path, so the mapping for itself works right.

    But the user should not see my subdirectories, but only the subdomain, when hovering over the links!

    The “read more”-Links in CORONA are obviously coded right, but all other links (navigation etc.) are obviously coded in such way, that hovering them, the mapping has no effect, only when you click it. But my subdirectories are my private concern and nobody else’s business :-)

    What have been coded in CORONA in another way as all other Kriesi’s theme (for ex. Newscast), that causes this effect?

    Thanks for any idea!


    No one any idea?



    I’ll ask Kriesi to comment on this issue.


    Hey! Would you mind deactivating the maintenance mode or giving me access to your backend so I can take a look myself?




    thanks, just seen your post, Kriesi.

    I figured it out yesterday … this phenomenon was caused by the most annoying plugin ever :-(, by WPML multilanguage plugin.

    When it’s activated, then these strange paths are shown in CORONA:

    When I deactivate it, all is ok.

    The WPML plugin for example causes, that CORONA don’t work with domainmapping, too :-(

    I’ve posted this issue in the WPML forum, too, but they are very unhelpfully there and answer always, that it works at their servers … how nice for them :-(

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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