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    Hi there

    I have two challenges with the contact form:

    1) I need to remove the Website field – have looked at the class-form-generator file but couldn’t figure out how

    2) The form isn’t sending the data even though it displays a success message.





    1) In your includes folder in contact-form.php add


    in front of the user website line, like this

    // 'website' => array('type'=>'text', 'label'=>__('Website','avia_framework'), 'check'=>''), //user website

    2) As for the sending data you should contact your host and ask them to enable your mail() function, this should solve the mailing issue.


    Hi there

    Regarding 2), PHP mail() was enabled.The form is still not sending mails, even with an SMTP plugin installed. Any other ideas?



    I had the same issue and had to change the email in both the WP area where you set the site email and in the corona options (ie refresh the email). Not sure if it was my host misbehaving but after a couple minutes when both were the same the contact form was going through.

    One thing you can check is create a new user and see if you receive an email about it. If you do then your email settings are working for wordpress and you can start troubleshooting for the theme

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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