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    Is it possible to convert posts to portfolio items? This will enable us to upload our content by CSV import and use it in a portfolio grid.




    I’m not sure if that is possible but there are plugins that you can try:




    Thanks for this.

    Can you tell me if the Portfolio items are custom post types?

    Many thanks


    Otherwise is there CSV import options? For batch controlling categories and uploading portfolio items.


    Hi ediblecities,

    Yes the portfolio is a custom post type but there isn’t any csv import for bulk importing of items. You may be able to find a plugin that will write csv data to your database but the theme doesn’t have anything available for that right now.




    Great. That’s good news.

    So, regarding the custom post type route. How would I view the current configuration for these custom post types? In order to config the converter plugin? Any brief into would be gratefully received. We have a good no. of posts that we are aggregating as Post Teasers (however these have limited styling options) so we’d like to convert them all to portfolio items.

    Can you explain briefly what styling options, if any, are available for the portforlio grid?

    Many thanks again


    Everything available for the portfolio is view-able in the demo here

    As for transferring them, we really have no ability to support that procedure. The plugin Ismael is a suggest but isn’t something we’ve coded or have support for. The only thing I can help with is pointing you to the installation page which has steps for moving them:

    So in this case you would be going from Posts to Portfolio post types.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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