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    Hello there,

    I’m very new to this and I’m a bit confounded about how to control the size of the heading font on various pages on my website.


    that is a prime example of a huge font that I would really really like to be able to reduce in size, and also, why is the title of the image repeated again directly under it? It doesn’t make for a particularly clean design, but I’m sure you guys can help ;)

    Also, I don’t have the first clue about CSS, it is a complete mystery to me, so don’t be afraid to break down any advice into very basic terms.

    A thousand thanks!



    You are using a custom heading for your Heading Fonts. You really can’t change the size of the title because technically it is an image.

    You can remove the duplicated title. Go to Flashlight > Styling, at the very bottom look for Quick CSS. Add this code then save changes.

    .product_title.entry-title.cufon_headings {
    display: none;




    Thank you so much for the insight Ismael. Your CSS addition switched off the extra heading perfectly. I now understand about the custom font, however, now that I have switched this off, is there anyway of reducing the size of THIS default font?

    Many thanks again, I hope you’ve had a fun weekend :)



    hello again!

    well after a bit of research and Chrome trickery I was able to examine the element and find this bit of code to play with –

    #top .post-title.big_title {

    font-size: 42px;

    padding: 0 0 41px 0;

    font-weight: normal;

    text-transform: uppercase;

    line-height: 1em;

    text-align: center;

    margin: 0 0 12px 0;


    which seemed to both reduce the boldness of the font and reduce the size of it to 42px

    assuming I’ve not hit a self destruct button of some sort, I may have it all sorted now ;)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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