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    How do I get the source file for the “Flash Video SWF” found in the Avisio Portfolio section? I would like to add a controller to my video.




    Open custom.js – there you’ll find the flashvars which control flowplayers behaviour. Search for following code:

    // display properties
    backgroundColor: '#333333',
    backgroundGradient: 'none',
    sliderColor: '#111111',
    progressColor: '#ffffff',
    bufferColor: '#aaaaaa',

    // controlbar-specific configuration
    fontColor: '#ffffff',
    timeFontColor: '#333333',
    autoHide: 'always'

    ,controls: null

    If you remove “controls: null” the control bar will appear when flowplayer opens.

    The source code for flowplayer can be found here:

    I compiled flowplayer myself several times – it’s a very difficult project to compile (imho). You must have advanced computer skills to get ant, flex, etc. running (I’m compiling on Windows).

    The Dude



    I removed the following line from custom.js, but I still don’t get any controls. Am I missing something?

    ,controls: null //remove this line if you want to show controls

    Here is a link to the site.

    Thank you for your help!



    On my test server it works as expected after I did the modification. I uploaded my modified version of custom.js here:

    (I only excluded controls:hide). Please clear your browser cache to avoid any complications. You can edit the autoHide attribute one line above – it will hide the controls after a few seconds if the user doesn’t interact, For further informations please have a look at this page (at the bottom) -.e. you can set autoHide to “never” or a specific time.

    The Dude


    I removed that line of code you mentioned above, but the control bar still does not show up. What else needs to be done? Need a control bar before launching my site

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