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    Hi !

    I posted my problem on an existing thread, but had some problems with the site so couldn’t show you properly. That part is solved now, but the original problem remains :

    In the portfolio, when we click on a thumbnail to go to its dedicated page I would very much like to reduce the width of the image since it’s way too big.

    The width selected in the library along with its title, alt, description, etc (choice is small/medium/large/original) isn’t applied it seems.

    Tried to modify the functions.php but it didn’t work, only the thumbnails were affected.

    Also I got some hit and miss with the theme options (not too important, it doesn’t bother me much for now) :

    1°) if I check the two boxes for moderation of comments, it still posts them without moderation,

    2°) when I configure the portfolio to open on the same page it doesn’t work anymore since the time I configured it to open in a new page…

    Here is my site if you want to take a look at it :

    Thanks for your help.




    Just drop this line on your custom.css

    #top .slideshow li img {

    width: 300px;

    height: auto;


    You can modify the width according to your needs and leave the height auto so it will stay proportioned.




    OK so it resizes the image but not the “container” with it. Is it possible to resize it too ?

    Seems to be the class featured_container1 but I can’t find it in any CSS

    EDIT : Oh noes ! It resizes the thumbnails too ! What a headache… Maybe the container will do ?

    Thanks a lot !


    Hi !

    Anybody know a way to resize the container featured_container1 ?




    Try to use this code instead in your custom.css:

    .home .slideshow li img,
    .post-entry.portfolio-entry-description.isotope-item {
    width: 200px!important;
    height: auto!important;
    .home a {
    font-size: 12px;

    Hope it helps. :)

    Best Regards,



    It’s better for the thumbnails.

    Doesn’t resize the container of the featured page though, but I guess I’m asking a lot^^. That’ll do, at least it looks better.

    Thanks !


    Hi Johann,

    Try to remove this code in your custom.css:

    #top .slideshow li img {
    width: 200px;
    height: auto;

    Hope this fixes the problem. :)

    Best Regards,



    When I do, the image on the featured page just retakes its big-ass size :-/ (but the thumbnails stay ok).

    I’ll let it for a while in case you want to see for yourself.

    Anyhow, I got to hand it to you, that’s a hell of an after sales service you give !

    Really appreciate your help, thx again.


    Hi again johann,

    Thanks. :) Try this out in your custom.css:

    .single .slideshow.fade_slider,
    .single .slideshow li img {
    width: 400px!important;
    .single .slideshow.fade_slider {
    background: none!important;

    Just replace the width if you want to make smaller or bigger. :)

    Best Regards,



    Awesome !

    Also in /* Base Grid */ of grid.css I doubled .container.four.units and reduced by half .container .eight.units to re-equilibrate the page, and it looks great now ! exactly what I was looking for.

    You’re the bests



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